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Mount Spring International
-- your reliable wholesaler for source of authentic traditional Chinese medicine made in its home, China

MSI Authentic TCM

Popular TCM Starting Set

Traditional Chinese medicines (TCM) are safe, effective, inexpensive, and is getting more and more popular. This starting set will let you start the business section successfully and risk free, keep customers coming back again and again.

The starting set comes with:

  • sales guarantee
  • free wooden counter top display (15' x10' x25' )
  • literatures for consumers
  • small quantity of each item (4 ~ 6 units per item)
  • variety of items for popular health concerns (23 items)
For more info and order, please call us 800-937-1388. Wholesale only

Blood Tonic Syrup is back!

The name Nature's essence "Blood Nutrient Syrup" used in the last couple of years is for the same product. Customers are more used to the original name "Blood Tonic Syrup". So, we change it back.

tcm wholesale, starting set

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