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3 Ballerinas Herbal Capsule

3 Ballerinas Herbal Capsule
3 Ballerrina Herbal slim capsule is from the manufuctory of the most popular dieter's tea -- 3 Ballerrinas Dieter's Herbal Drink. It is formulatted with the highest quality of fine selected herbs to help you stay fit and lose waight. The 3 Ballerrina Herbal slim capsule is made of Senna Pods, Oriental Ginseng, Siberian Ginseng, Damjana Leaves Powder; all aatural herbal dietary supplement, with no Preservative, no Caffeine.
3 Ballerinas Herbal Capsule, 30 cap. Price: $6.95

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3 Ballerinas Herbal Capsule